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Put yourself out there!

After experiencing a stroke, there might be a temptation to remain at home. However, an integral aspect of stroke recovery involves staying active and engaging with others.

Below is a calendar showcasing our upcoming events. Kindly ensure you have signed up with SNSA before participating. Once you become an SNSA member, you are welcome to join as many events as you wish.

Suja, Survivor

SNSA also organizes social integration outings with the aim of promoting the reintegration of stroke survivors into the community. These outings involve stroke survivors and their caregivers engaging in various outdoor activities, such as visits to notable locations around Singapore and evening strolls in the park together.

Please note that social integration outings are exclusively available to SNSA members who are stroke survivors and their families/caregivers.

SNSA Event Calendar

Latest Activities

June 05 2024

AI And Computing Logic Through Games (Jun'24)

June 07 2024

Mosaic Coaster (Jun'24)

June 12 2024

Drama Fun With Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) (Jun'24)

June 13 2024

Jewellery Making (Jun'24)

June 18 2024

Movie Screening (Jun'24)

June 22 2024

Rising Above Stroke (Jun'24)

June 22 2024

Let's Get Fit (Jun'24)

June 27 2024

Paint By Numbers (Jun'24)

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