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Put yourself out there

After a stroke, it can be tempting to stay at home. But an important part of a stroke recovery journey is being active, and connecting with others.

Here is a calendar of our upcoming events. Remember to sign up to SNSA first. Once you are an SNSA member, you can join as many events as you like.

Suja, Survivor

SNSA also organises social integration outings, aimed at promoting the reintegration of stroke survivors back into the community. Stroke survivors and their caregivers participate in various outdoor activities, such as visits to places of interest around Singapore and taking evening strolls at the park together.

Social integration outings are open only to SNSA members who are stroke survivors, and to their families/caregivers.

SNSA Event Calendar

Latest Activities

December 07 2023

Move With Words (Dec'23)

December 07 2023

LKY100 Trail & Choir Performance (Dec'23)

December 12 2023

Suncatcher Photo Frame Painting (Dec'23)

December 30 2023

Let’s Get Fit (Dec'23)

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