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Stroke Support Groups (SSG)

The SSG serves as a network connecting stroke survivors, caregivers, and volunteers.

The SSG facilitates:

  • Providing a platform for stroke survivors and caregivers to meet informally.

  • Engaging in social activities collectively.

  • Extending emotional support to one another.

  • Sharing experiences and knowledge about stroke-related challenges.

There are three distinct support networks within the SSG:

  • Stroke Warriors (SSG) for stroke survivors.

  • Caregiver Support Group (CSG) for caregivers.

  • Young Stroke Survivor Support Group (YSSSG) for stroke survivors aged 50 and below.

The objective is to expand and decentralize the network, enhancing its ability to address the needs of stroke survivors and caregivers throughout Singapore.

Eddie, Survivor

Caregiver Support

Aini, Caregiver

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