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Your donation makes a difference.

Singapore National Stroke Association is a Charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) It has been providing free programmes to stroke survivors and care givers over the past 25 years.

These programmes enable stroke survivors to remain connected with fellow survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals and the larger community. The programmes also help them on their post stroke recovery.

We depend solely on the generosity through grants, fund raising events and your donations, so as to enable us to fulfil our mission of:

• Supporting stroke survivors and caregivers

• Creating Awareness of Stroke

• Advocating for Stroke.

Your donations will be used to fund our programmes and events and support partial operating cost of these programmes.

As a Charity and IPC, your donations are eligible for a tax deduction. We appeal for your support to help our stroke survivors through the following avenues.


Be a Long Term Donor

If you wish to be our long term donor, click on the pledge button below.

Online Donations


To donate to SNSA via, please click on the button here.


To donate to SNSA via simplygiving, please click on the button here.

Donation via PayNow

Please PayNow to 
UEN S96SS0196G
or scan the QR code below with your banking app.


Poh Choo, Survivor

Organisation Information

Year of Establishment: 1996
ROS/RCB Registration No:  UEN S96SS0196G 
SNSA depends fully on the generosity of individual and corporate donors for financial support. We are an Institution of Public Character (IPC), which means that all monetary donations to SNSA are tax-deductible. You may be able to claim tax deduction of 2.5 times the amount of donations. We are grateful for and look forward to your continued support and generosity.

We thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

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